Internal video communication

Video can be an important tool for communicating a message within your organization. Let’s work together to help your employees develop content production skills.


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    Why you should use video for internal communication



    Count on providing a specific, common message to explain something or announce news that affects all your employees.



    Humanizing decisions

    Internal video lets members of your organization put a face to those who make decisions.




    Choosing video as a means of communication offers a new way to share information and favors message retention.



    Opening up dialogue

    Using internal video increases the likelihood that your audience will interact and get more involved.



    Calling to action

    Approaching your staff with a video is persuasive, increasing the likelihood of your team taking action.



    Monitoring impact

    Today’s technology tools provide an accurate picture of commitment level and your video’s impact within the organization.


    How can you produce your own video content?

    Identifying talent

    Since photography and video have become so commpon, there are undoubtedly talented people hiding in your organization.


    Ask around among your employees (with related occupations) to find the rare gem(s) who can add content production to their task list. Give them a chance to tell you about what they like to photograph or film. Next, ask them to put some easy ideas into practice and find out their true potential in content production.


    Establishing a framework

    As with any project, it is critical to develop a work plan that will allow your staff to write out important project information before they begin filming or photographing. I would be happy to guide you through this planning process.


    Providing the necessary tools

    Video production requires the use of specialized equipment. Based on the complexity of the productions you wish to create in house, a list of equipment is drawn up and a budget is set aside for the purchase of this material.


    Figuring out the basics

    Whether you want to produce a promotional video or interview the president of the company, there are practical methods to follow to ensure that your videos are successful. We can arrange for hands-on sessions to guide your employees in completing your in-house shoots.


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    To standardize your message, create a connection with decision-makers and energize your internal announcements.


    Yes! I offer coaching sessions that will help one or more members of your team understand the basics of producing content for internal use.


    Yes, we have produced and created several internal projects. I will be happy to share them with you when we talk.


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