Video strategy

It is essential to have a strategy to carry out a major project. Videos are no exception. Who is the audience? What tone should you use? What channels will be used to reach the target audience? These are important questions and thoughts that fuel the development of a video concept.


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    The added values of a video strategy


    Getting to the point

    Clearly identifying the key messages to be communicated structures your video in a coherent way.



    Speaking the same language

    By focusing on your audience, the message’s tone will be tailored to resonate with them.



    Finding the right mix

    Choosing the right length and format ensures an optimal level of stakeholder engagement.



    Time vs. Results

    Knowing the scope of the objectives to be achieved helps establish a realistic budget for the project.



    The right people for the job

    The size of the production team is determined by the scope of the project.



    Rolling out variations

    Greater preparation will allow us to adapt the main video to smaller formats.


    Where do we start?

    Existing documentation

    Beginning a new project means starting with an analysis of existing information and exploring the documentation you have on hand.


    To gain inspiration and get some starting points, we review existing materials: your website, informational brochures, social media platforms and other relevant documentation. This groundwork allows the client and the creative producer to identify potential avenues for developing a new message, while maintaining the tone of your existing brand image.

    An inclusive approach

    To ensure that we create a message that is in line with your company’s objectives, the internal team’s involvement is essential for working in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation. In the planning phase, colleagues will often have opinions and ideas that will add value to the video project.

    Having a timeline in mind

    The video strategy prepares the troops to participate in the project and to carry out the steps within a specific time frame. It is important to organize tasks well and to clearly assign roles and responsibilities to stakeholders.

    This also allows you to plan the next steps of a video project, such as a campaign’s broadcast strategy or media plan.

    Taking advantage of your network

    A video’s first ambassadors will be those who have actively participated in it. It is therefore essential to anticipate the video’s impact on your networks.

    An upstream strategy will also address how the video will live and evolve on the Internet once it has been created.

    They put their trust in me.

    In the strategy phase, I ask questions to immerse myself in my clients’ corporate reality. Of course, transparency and respect are of the essence.


    Frequently asked questions

    No. That being said, during the strategic phase, we assess the most successful platforms for your video content.

    Yes. I can play as a wild card added to your existing team.

    In my experience, yes. The strategy will guide creation and facilitate decision making.

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