2D - 3D production

Increasingly popular animation creation allows companies to communicate in an engaging way, without the need to feature their staff or facilities. This approach is particularly relevant for companies that sell technological products or services.


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    The added values of animation


    A new dynamic

    Animation helps your brand breathe in a different way. The possibilities are endless.



    Limited involvement

    The entire project is carried out remotely, using technological tools.



    Production speed

    For an average complexity, production time is relatively short.



    Describing the intangible

    Animation allows us to apply images to complex concepts.



    Controlling the message

    The animation is scripted, with predefined images.




    A high-quality animation has great longevity: it can be used for several years.


    Things to keep in mind when creating an animation

    A clear art direction

    An available brand guide or art direction will inform the animation’s creation.


    To steer the creation of an animation, the animators should take inspiration from your brand guide or art direction. Companies often overlook these marketing documents, but they are essential for producing an animation that is consistent with your brand’s identity. You may have to start by developing these guides together before beginning production on the animation.


    The sky’s the limit

    To determine how much time the animation will take to create and how much money you need to budget, it is essential to identify what kind of animation you like. The producer will be able to direct you to the right professionals and recommend a budget that corresponds to the complexity of the desired animation.


    Iterative process

    Producing an animated video requires a rigorous process. Before you see anything animated, several documents are provided, such as a script breakdown, a storyboard or an animatic. This enables the animators to work efficiently without having to backtrack. The client provides general comments while the producer tells the animation team what changes need to be made. Each step logically follows the other.


    Agreeing on the budget

    Developing a 2D or 3D animation requires a considerable amount of work. The talents’ expertise is unique and producing an animated video is a fusion of art and business. Therefore, production budgets are developed in partnership with the producer, based on the complexity and length of the desired animation.


    They put their trust in me.

    In the strategy phase, I ask questions to immerse myself in my clients’ corporate reality. Of course, transparency and respect are of the essence.


    No. A 15-second 3D animation can cost more than a 2-minute 2D animation. The animation’s complexity will determine the cost.


    I suggest that you look for 3 to 5 animations on the web that you like to use as a guide to complexity.


    Yes, but that involves extra design time since there is no visual guide available.


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