Corporate shoots are unique in that most of the time, compared to an advertising shoot, the budgets are smaller, the talent is in-house and the time reserved for the shoot is condensed.


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    Maximizing a corporate shoot


    Multidisciplinary team

    Multidisciplinary technical experts help reduce costs.



    Precise shooting schedule

    Careful planning reassures the client and improves the overall quality of the shoot.



    Knowing the exact location

    Scouting locations will allow us to visualize the scenes and ensure certain technical parameters.



    Arriving early

    There are a number of tests to be done before the participants arrive. Optimizing your facility is the key to achieving great quality.



    Getting client approval

    To make the editing phase easier, involve the client in the approval of the shots or sequences.



    Check, double-check and check again

    Once you’re on the set, there’s no turning back. It is crucial to check the timeline of activities.


    What sets a corporate shoot apart from the rest

    Unique pressure

    Corporate shooting brings with it political pressure and a heightened sense of time. Participants are often in a hurry to shoot, and the result of your video will impact the organization’s reputation.


    Understanding the producer’s industry and its internal dynamics is key to working effectively in a time-sensitive environment where last-minute changes are the norm. Even if a project has been carefully planned, it is possible that it could be suddenly disrupted by a new factor beyond the producer’s control (for example, an aircraft is delayed). Ideal conditions for a corporate shoot are rare.


    Impeccable professionalism

    When you’re dealing with business leaders or other high-profile people, it’s essential to have a polished approach and to be able to clearly communicate your ideas to the video’s participants and your team. Despite the “glamour” of a shoot, the atmosphere on a corporate set must be professional.


    Hurry up and wait

    You have to be prepared to have everything in place, or risk having to wait or change your plans at the last minute. Corporate shoots go fast, and the technical equipment must be ready at all times. If something unexpected comes up, the team on set will have to be patient and wait for the right moment to start shooting.


    Additional direction

    The video’s protagonists are sometimes employees, managers, clients, and so on. In that case, they are less comfortable in front of the camera and need to be looked after by the director or producer on the set. These people experience additional stress that must be managed and controlled to ensure a credible, successful performance. So, you need to have an inclusive and charismatic approach with these people to help them relax and feel confident.



    The client is responsible for the message. That means that they must make sure that the protagonists say is what is intended and that there are no discrepancies.


    If it’s a shoot where content is communicated (like an interview), then yes.


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