Les Catalys - Women in science

A ten-episode web series sponsored by the Quebec Ministry of the Economy and Innovation. Ten major companies from STEM fields introduced us to an employee who would inspire the young people of Quebec.



Quebec Ministry of the Economy and Innovation

Type of support

Creative Producer

Number of mandates



Creator, Supervisor, Manager

Les Catalys – Women in science

Creative steps

01. Pinpointing needs

We discussed and defined the communication objectives with the ministry.


The ten participating companies worked with the producer to select the right women. Several preliminary meetings were held to discuss and confirm the topics to be covered.


02. Creating a concept

The ten-minute format was broken down into sub-segments to create content that is both entertaining and educational.


A host interacted with the Catalys participants and encouraged them to join in fun activities. She guided the content and the interactions.


03. Fine tuning

We conducted preliminary telephone interviews prior to shooting. The host practiced the interaction with the Catalys participants and the corporate partners.


Some sections were adjusted or even deleted to fit the time limit, the concept and the values of the participating companies.


04. Setting the stage

Topics were developed with a researcher and a writer. We scouted locations and set up schedules.

We created a content plan for all participating companies. Each Catalys participant was aware of the topics being covered and their representation in their video capsule. We hired a location manager to control the schedule.


05. Bringing the project to life

A technical team of 11 women was assembled for 12 days to produce 10 episodes that were about 10 minutes long.


Significant logistics were established to optimize the shooting time for each interview. We added two extra days in the studio. The capsules’ post-production was entirely wrapped up in 6 weeks.


Pinpointing needs


Creating a concept


Fine tuning


Setting the stage


Bringing the project to life


Thank you to the creators of this wonderful web series that promotes STEM to girls in a fun, engaging way.

Dominique Anglade

Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party
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