Pomerleau is a major player in the Canadian construction industry. With over 4,000 employees across the country, the general contractor frequently uses video to support its internal recruiting campaigns.




Type of support


Number of mandates



Copywriting, Co-directing


Creative steps

01. Pinpointing needs

Recruitment targets for new employees. The positions to be filled were both on the construction site and in the administrative and clerical fields.

The messages to be communicated involved collective harmony, collaboration and concern for quality. The content developed had to be suitable for several distribution platforms.


02. Creating a concept

We developed several conceptual approaches, but it was an inspiration from the Wealth Simple company’s existing content that finally clarified the intentions of Pomerleau’s concept.


Keeping people at the centre of the message, the concept encouraged them to open up. The slow-paced testimonials were meant to convince viewers that Pomerleau was an employer of choice.

03. Fine tuning

To make the testimonials more dynamic, the client and the production team decided to use duos on camera.


After their testimonials, the participating employees interacted with each other by acting out certain tasks related to their work. An animation was then superimposed over their movements.


04. Setting the stage

Participating employees were asked to know and learn their key messages. Meanwhile, the production team developed the schedules over two days.


Given the number of people to be interviewed in a short period of time, each participant rehearsed their content once before their final performance. The tone was approved by the director.

05. Bringing the project to life

About 10 participants arrived from across Canada for the two-day studio shoot. The testimonials and actions were scripted.


In the studio, the production team spent an average of 1 hour with each candidate. The director put people at ease in a relaxed atmosphere.


Pinpointing needs


Creating a concept


Fine tuning


Setting the stage


Bringing the project to life


Raphaël was able to support and guide us with an outstanding structure, from technical cutting to scriptwriting.

Catherine Malouin

Senior Business Partner – Communications & Marketing
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