Kids Code Jeunesse

Development of a co-branded video with Kids Code Jeunesse and the Canadian branch of UNESCO. Creative project to explain to children the impact of coding in their lives.



Kids Code Jeunesse

Type of support

Executive Producer, Design, Direction

Number of mandates



Producer, Content Strategy, Direction, Supervision

Kids Code Jeunesse

Creative steps

01. Pinpointing needs

The range of possibilities was immense, as is the subject of coding. Partnerships between various creators were the key to success.


We created a 60-second message aligned with the mission of both entities, in which the codes were represented by shapes and voices.


02. Creating a concept

There were multiple levels of decision-making and each organization wanted to shine through the creation of this major production. They rejected the first visual approach.


Mockup systems were used to bring the coding world to life.

By wanting to interest children in this invisible yet ever-present world, our collaborators at Caravan developed a fragmented world.

03. Setting the stage

In the pre-production phase, a visualization of each 3D scene gave the clients an accurate idea of the result before entering the studio.

The voices were recorded beforehand, and the team synchronized each sentence with the associated visual to create a preliminary video animation, a preview of the final result.


04. Fine tuning

Based on feedback from the preview process, the team modified some of the selected colours and improved some details.


The decor could then be painted, and the shooting schedule was set. The director of photography verified the lists of equipment needed to obtain the desired result.


05. Bringing the project to life

It took one day to set up and two days of shooting, during which the 12-person production team worked tirelessly.


Keeping in mind the post-production phase, the video sequences were shot and approved on site with the client. It was the culmination of the creative process when the ideas suddenly came to life.


Pinpointing needs


Creating a concept


Setting the stage


Fine tuning


Bringing the project to life


Raphaël is also very personable, easy to talk to, and is never short of great ideas. I highly recommend Raphaël and VIÜ Media for creative projects in all sorts of domains!

Bry Leblanc

Communications and Brand Manager – Kids Code Jeunesse
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