Corporate video

The corporate video is used to explain internal realities to employees or to attract the interest of potential clients. In this case, video becomes a medium of choice to inform, raise awareness or stir emotions.

Internal video communication

Video is an effective persuasive tool for raising employee awareness and engagement. Not only does it boost communication within your organization, but it also has a unifying effect.


Through open conversation, I first look at issues that need to be addressed or tensions that need to be eased within a department or organization.


Depending on your objectives, I will work with you in a series of hands-on sessions or coach select members of your staff to develop and produce video content for your company. My goal is to help you become (ultimately) independent in your production by giving you the necessary tools and knowledge.


Producing corporate videos

Wanting to produce a corporate video for your organization is ambitious, requiring a high level of commitment from the people involved. The project requires both time and money.


Before launching a corporate video production for a company, a background study is needed to structure the video’s aims and to ensure absolute consistency between the video and the company’s vision.


Since there are many ways to produce a corporate video, the company leadership’s commitment is particularly important for this type of project. Several brainstorming sessions are held to target the messages of interest and make sure that the approach taken is in line with the organization’s medium-to-long-term vision.



Depending on the people to be trained and the desired production level, the rate varies between $340 and $590 per session.


If the production is well designed and structured, a corporate video has a lifespan of 3 to 5 years.


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