Line Producer

Working closely with your in-house team, the line producer coordinates the roster of outside contributors. By overseeing the work of these outside resources, he ensures that the concept is understood and properly executed by the production team.


Shooting a video

Producing a corporate video requires the contributions of many talented people and the coordination of a variety of parameters.


From assembling a full crew to booking locations, my support makes it easy for your video project to move forward.


As an extension of your in-house team, I bring in additional coordination resources to plan and manage all the elements needed to produce your video shoot.


Animation and motion design

Whether it’s for the graphic design of your video or for the creation of a unique animation, bringing together the right talents is crucial for an impactful result.


We write a script and tell a story based on your graphic charter.


In supporting the writing and design, I facilitate collaboration with the copywriters and help shape the design with the animators.


Multimedia supervision

Creating a corporate video for your organization is a significant project. With this in mind, your board of directors needs to be kept up to date on its development.


It’s essential that external suppliers understand your message to move your project forward.


With your best interests at heart, I act as a bridge between your requests and the technical work of external resources, translating your business requests into clear guidelines.



If your team is proactive, it will take 4 to 8 weeks to complete a project.


Yes, it can be done. However, the designers will need to base their creative work on certain elements of your brand (colours and logo).


Yes, you can. We can also divide the main content into several small capsules. We’ll discuss this strategy at the beginning of the project.


I have another question.