Motion design

Popular in recent years, motion animation is a video format that requires no filming. The entire project is prepared in advance and then passed on to visual artists.


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    The added values of working with animation


    Retention level

    A well-made motion design video is likely to engage the audience in a remarkable way.



    No filming

    This is perfect for clients who have “nothing” to show!



    Brand recognition

    Motion animation lets you easily show some of the brand’s graphic and aesthetic codes.



    Hassle-free variations

    Once the basic animation is created, it is possible to produce other content at a lower cost.




    Motion animation is a way to give your brand personality without being on camera.



    Control over length

    The nature of the format gives you more control over the video’s length.


    Where do we start?

    Art direction

    Just as you need to find inspiration and select certain themes when you’re decorating a house, producing a motion design video requires a solid visual foundation.


    Motion design video production begins when the art direction has been developed for the brand or project. This direction contains graphic codes to be followed, a precise colour palette and a selection of shapes or gradients and design elements. For example, if you want to include characters in your animation, the aesthetics and design of these characters must be validated before starting the motion design work.

    Maintaining cohesiveness

    Motion design animation is an extension of your brand guidelines. In this sense, the approach developed for your animation will be closely linked to the visual and graphic world that you are already using. To maintain consistency, certain tonal limitations can be used to define the range of possibilities in motion design.


    Complicated or simple

    Motion design videos can take many directions. Working on 2D animation doesn’t represent the same workload as creating an animation with multiple characters developed in Cinema 4D. That’s why it’s so important to target benchmarks and do research to match the desired style with the available budget.


    Following the proper steps

    Creating an animated video can be a complex process if the steps aren’t followed exactly. As such, documents such as sketches, written descriptions and mood boards are used to help the client visualize the project before the animation is created. Thus, significant collaboration is needed before starting the project’s post-production.


    Raphaël is a gifted video producer. He is agile in his approach and can adapt the style of his work to accommodate a corporate or more artisan flavor.

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    In the strategy phase, I ask questions to immerse myself in my clients’ corporate reality. Of course, transparency and respect are of the essence.



    Depending on animation style and complexity, a 60-second motion design video costs $10,000 to $35,000 on average.


    Yes. This document is your bible for creating a motion design video that fits your brand and is aesthetically pleasing.


    Depending on how responsive the client is, it takes about 8 weeks on average to complete a 60-second animation video.


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