Promotional video

Like the name says, this type of video is meant to promote a service or boost product sales. Video and animation are often combined to make the message as dynamic and appealing as possible.


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    Hallmarks of a promotional video


    Short and sweet

    A promotional video is short and snappy. It features dynamic editing and a fast pace.



    Clear call to action

    This format doesn’t beat around the bush! The visitor is expected to take action after viewing the video.



    Banking on views

    This type of video is often propelled by a large budget to drive views on social media.



    Short lifespan

    A promotional video generally has a lifespan of 1 to 4 weeks.




    A brief but powerful promotional video can be produced from stock footage or with a short shoot.




    Promotional videos can be quickly scaled to accommodate 16:9 and 1:1 ratios for all social media.


    Planning your promotional video

    Cutting the action

    It is essential to understand the chronology of the video’s story, based on the message to be communicated.


    To do this, you can compile all the elements that will enable you to develop your promotional video: images, stock videos and a list of short, catchy lines. With all the pieces of the puzzle in hand, it will be easier for your video editor to work.


    Finding an ambassador

    Your message may be better conveyed through a spokesperson. Find someone who is comfortable in front of the camera and who will be able to put all the energy needed to be convincing and entertaining into their performance. Including a person in your promotional message will also humanize it and add a touch of authenticity.


    Keeping distribution in mind

    When you think about making a promotional video for your business, you should already have the platforms where you will post your video in mind. In addition to specifying the formats you will need to export, your production will factor in the ideal running time and strike the ideal tone.


    Media buy

    You will put a lot of time and effort into your content. From the start, you need to think about a budget to improve your video’s performance on social media platforms. Depending on your objectives with this video (brand awareness, brand recognition, etc.), you will need to spend money on marketing. These days, creating “beautiful” content is unfortunately no longer enough.


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    While some aspects are similar, the promotional video is more direct in its intent and is often used online only.


    Not usually. There is an opportunity cost on volume for this type of production, since it’s possible to develop a concept that can cover the creation of 3 to 6 videos.


    Image banks and stock videos can be a good way to kick-start promotional video production for your business.


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