Raphaël Jolicoeur

Thank you for exploring my platform. My goal is to take the stress out of corporate video content so you can bring your audiences creative, bold, compelling productions.


Creative Producer: Facilitator Coach Supervisor

The cornerstone of my positioning

Like any human being, I have evolved along a unique path that has been marked by pitfalls and successes. I hope to thrive by working on collaborations that bring people together.


We need to find new ways of thinking; companies are developing increasingly more content internally to make themselves stand out and shine. I have reached a point in my career where I want to help companies who want to create, innovate and surprise with their video and multimedia content. I want to take the creative process outside the box, while ensuring that the ideas are developed in an efficient, affordable and structured way.


My creative spark

Magic. It combines the mastery of a complex discipline with sensitivity to the audience. Magic can impress, move or mystify, just like video and film.

A powerful professional experience

When the Bombardier CSeries came on the market, I was recruited to document the program on a national and international level. This experience gave me confidence in my abilities and introduced me to the world of aeronautics.

My professional development

My life in a frame

When I was very young, I was fascinated by billboards and knew that I wanted to create images. First a photographer, then a videographer, I approach my surroundings as a graphic composition. My stories naturally translate into images.


Formal education

I first obtained a certificate in advertising and then did a bachelor’s degree in communication at the UQAM media school. It was during my studies that I learned to structure my ideas, conceptualize my plans and develop a network of contacts.


Going into business

After working for a few years, I founded VIÜ MEDIA, a production company specializing in video content creation. There were several employees to manage and challenges to overcome.

I’ve had a hundred clients, hundreds of projects and five great years as an entrepreneur and creator.


Video creations


Year of experience


Extraordinary network


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Who I like to work for

My clients are also partners and key collaborators. They trust me and I appreciate their trust.