Creative partner

The creative partner works with your internal team, fosters creativity within your department, and equips your team with easy-to-understand creative materials to guide future productions.


Video strategy

The video strategy involves developing a complete brief, which will explain the details of the message you want to communicate.

This exercise will help you target a video format that is consistent with this objective

Based on your priorities and available budget, I assess your information and develop an appropriate project brief.


This project exploration document allows me to identify the form your video content will take and specify the resources your organization will need to make it happen.


Video design

Video is a multi-faceted medium and its use must be carefully planned.

The concept will dictate the rest of your project and will allow you to quantify the resources and budget necessary for its completion.

I start by exploring your brand’s assets and suggest a range of creative directions in line with your communication objectives and the format you have in mind.


I work with your internal team to clarify your intentions and identify the creative tones that fit your identity and your budget.



Video direction represents the emotional dimension of your project. By embracing the concept, the director sets the pace of the images and gives them a depth that makes your story more captivating.


The director becomes the conductor on a film set, overseeing and managing the work of the artisans and technicians on site.


My role is to put images on the developed script and give life to the characters that embody your story. Directing is the execution of the documents generated in the design and pre-production steps.



The deliverables are in the form of an explanatory presentation that brings together text, images and videos.


A good understanding of the organization’s video project by management and the internal team is essential in the pre-production and production steps.


Depending on the format to be produced and the scope of your video project, this first step usually represents between 15% and 25% of the total budget.


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