Motion Design & 3D

Companies are asking to boost their message by using this form of visual art, which is popular in the corporate video production industry.




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Motion Design & 3D

Creative steps

01. Pinpointing needs

A needs analysis helps us target the key messages to be communicated.


A draft script is written with the client. This preliminary script will help the writer rephrase and refine the text to make the script dynamic and fun.


02. Creating a concept

The design begins with the search for an engaging graphic world.


This search allows us to specify the animation’s style and complexity. In this regard, it guides conceptualization and defines the options for illustrations and design.


03. Fine tuning

Some basic graphic elements are developed based on the client’s preferences.


These preliminary graphic elements dictate the style of the illustrations to be produced later. In addition, the now-developed script will let the animations be more refined depending on the scenes.


04. Setting the stage

Before animation begins, several still illustration boards are made to show the flow of images.


Also called a storyboard, this document will be reworked as many times as necessary to obtain the optimal animation formula. An animatic (sequenced still images) is also produced to confirm the length of each shot.


05. Bringing the project to life

Once the storyboard has been approved, the creative team gets to work on animating the illustration boards.


This animation process can take several days, depending on the complexity of the illustrations. The first few seconds are shown to the client to confirm the rhythm, then the rest of the animation is created. Then, there’s nothing left to do but the official voice recording and the audio design.


Pinpointing needs


Creating a concept


Fine tuning


Setting the stage


Bringing the project to life


Raphaël has a sense of the client; attentive, creative, relevant in its recommendations, always in solution mode and in a contagious good mood

Francis Gaspard

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