Around the office, we call you the “overachiever” and or the “creative head”.

And for odd reasons, you like to be submerged with work and new projects.

but when it comes to put a corporate video together, you don’t recognize yourself;
You’re all-over-the-place. Asking for quotes.
Wondering if it’s the right way to do things.

It’s a tricky process.

And to add pressure; the content needs to be published soon and the message has to be on point. Your boss is counting on you. It is also a reputation matter.

Relevant, impactful, call it whatever you’d like; it needs to be good. Real good.

Sometimes, a creative coach is needed to align your hopes and desires with your brand.

Other times, you need more of a delegate producer, to make things happen.

I’ve been managing both.

I’m Raphaël Jolicoeur and I am a creative-producer.

Learn on how to generate video concepts and let’s collaborate to make your video projects a success.

By the time we chat online, you’ll find a sense of relief. By the time we meet, the ideas will finally flow in the right direction.
And as we’re getting prepared to shoot, your whole team will feel rewarded.

It is my commitment to you.